The path of littered by our own rubbish, barriers that we place ourselves. WE adopt habits that hold us back and become set as auto pilot. The power of habits are under-recognized as what powers us towards success. When leaders were asked about the key to success, they reply, “Successful people are simply those with successful habits.”There are many people that possess successful habits, there are many habits that are being undermining them with toxic habits- it is like one step forward  and then two steps backward. Breaking bad habits can change the game so desperately required. 10 bad habits that can be holding you back from progress and success:


The contentment zone -  The is a place we go to when we are satisfied with our work and achievements. This contentment and comfort is the enemy of progress and improvement. Keep on the quest of self fullfillment and achievment. KnoGet the goal, celebrate it, and continue your quest to growth. 


Giving too much respect -  Just because someone is in a position of authority, it doesn't mean they have all the answers. The habit cripples many people who listen to ‘respectable’ figures who are in a completely different field to them. A good example is seeing an actor who endorses a product they are unfamiliaar with  and people listen because they are famous? Very bad habit.


Scared to get your hands dierty - You should be prepared to do anything that is required of you. It shouldn't be fearless leaders that aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty, but anyone wishing to strive for success. Dirtying your hands may mean engaging in a task that is outside of your scope or responsibility.This enables you to gain the respect of others and sets the leadership value of leading by example..


Learn from people ‘under’ yourself  Knowledge and lessons come from many people below and above your postion of heirachy.Never shut out anyone without a PHD or accreditation or position of authority. We need to take in information and education from all levels. You never know what experience a person may have or who the person may have a connection with.


Wait for the ‘right’ moment or praoctrastination -  As the chinese saying goes “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now". Stop giving yourself excuses to wait and get on with it. Any action is better than no action. Progress starts with the first step.


Approved by others It is great to be recognised and get the approval of others but to wait for the recognition or pat on the back is wasting time. Do not wait to feed your ego of your ever-needy self-esteem. Get on with the job and you will be recognised for the right reasons.


Rush for the last look Always check and review your work without being too hasty in submitting something that may not impress. This is the weakness for many writers annd bloggers.The separattion between a good writer and an average one is patience and review - good writers will sleep on it overnight and make edits in the morning before it is sent. This rule abounds many industries. Always good to review and evwen get the feedback of others before forwarding information.


It Ok to be vulnerable Sometime it is important to put on the mask and keep up the guard, especially when you are a  leader. There is a line that may be required to be drawn between employers and employees. But you need to be human and approachable .You can admit to making mistakes, and offer an apology when you are wrong. You will earn the respect of your peers.


You have to be perfect Perfection can stifle progress. Strive to be an achiever and excellence and seek to produce the best result you are able to achieve. Dont spend too much time of tasks that deter you from achieving the main goal. If your work meets expectation, then that will do. If you exceed it, fantastic. Do not keep progress waiting too long. You could spend too much time on improving a product and waste an opportunity.


Sometimes you must let go Dedication, tenacity, and perseverance are great personality traits, they can be also be deterimental when they are directed toward the wrong goal. It is difficult when you have perservered and put much effort into something you are passionate about. If it's not profitable or bringing you closer to what you want to achieve, then you must be prepared to let go and re direct your efforts back to achieving your goal. Treat any failure as a lesson learnt and redirect your efforts toward the next achieveable project or goal..


Samuel Johnson gives a great warning on the crucial need to break detrimental habits – “The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.” If you have allowed yourself to be engaged in any of these habits then you need to accept and redirect your efforts to something that will be more rewarding.


Continually look for training and education to provide insight in how we can be more productive and progressive.

The 10 success Habits Holding You Back From Winning 

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