Certifcicate IV and Diploma Qualifications through VET

As a Perth-based company, Logicus Training Solutions promotes the importance of training and coaching solutions, among employees, business firms, government, and corporate. Investing time and effort for training prior to entering the actual workplace is an advantage for seeking promotion and recognition.


Logicus Training Solutions is a registered training organization wherein it is equipped with qualifications, which are nationally accredited. Aside from instilling management-related concepts, the company allows the participants to experience the real scenarios within an organization.


Nowadays, most companies require employees to have good educational background and training. Logicus Training Solutions will accompany every worker towards his aim for self-improvement.


Specifically, the exceptional qualifications offered are the following:


Certificate IV in Training and Assessment – This is very essential before an individual became a trainer in a specific workplace. Moreover, a person with this certificate will be qualified to teach in VET (Vocation & Educational Training) courses. Aside from teaching, one can also be an enterprise assessor, RTO (Registered Training Organization) trainer, and training adviser. Most corporate organizations require Certificate IV in Training and Assessment from trainers. Desirable job prospects became available for competent employees which completed training.


Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety – This impart necessary knowledge and practical skills for those people who want to grab opportunities related to Work Health and safety.


Within the organization, professionals who have better understanding with WHS are considered as “assets.” Everyone must be aware that this training for WHS is nationally recognized.


Certificate IV in Frontline Management

It covers very important areas of management such as:

  • Workplace learning

  • Management in customer service

  • People management

  • Operational plans

  • Work priorities

  • Information system

  • Innovations

  • Work safety


With the help of these qualifications, Frontline managers will improve their leadership skills and management competency. A manager will be more effective in supervising his company. Moreover, the training within the program will result to a productive workplace.


Certificate IV in Leadership and management – Through this training, a leader’s sense of responsibility will be developed. Having a nationally recognized qualification will help every worker for an advanced career and other employment opportunities.

Diploma in Work Health and Safety – Keeping a favorable work health & safety system of an organization is possible through the help of Australia’s competent WHS providers.


After training, participants will learn about:


  • Good communication with other employees

  • Additional information and concepts about WHS

  • Implementation of a better WHS plan for an organization

  • Application of different WHS functions


The mentioned qualifications will provide an advantage to people who are currently working. “Certificate IV” have a connotation that an individual has gained knowledge and skills which are functional to the organization where he works.


As a whole, having good training will provide several advantages for people who want to have additional income and personal growth. Increasing wealth is associated to productivity, enhanced job prospects, and efficiency as a worker. As an individual, you can be better when it comes to improving skills ad awareness. Similarly, self-esteem is instilled to person. With such trainings, both the employee and employer received benefits because the latter attain greater profitability as well.