If someone was to tell you that for every prospect or opportunity you had a majority chance of making the sale, would you believe them?


If they said they had answers to your sales challenges that were costing you time and money, would you listen to what they had to say?


Would you like to get your hands on a sales guide and strategy specific to your business and industry that allowed you to blast your sales records out of the water?


Experience the Power of The S.A.B.O.R


This is your chance to get personally trained and coached by one of the most influential business and sales experts in Australia who has generated millions of dollars in added sales. Discover a new world full of opportunities and potential.

Develop your sales and relationship skills to create a sales strategy specific to your business or career.


Joining the S.A.B.O.R can be one of the most financially rewarding decisions you make.


This unique workshop is considered one of the Best Sales Growth Programs unlike anything on the market.


The S.A.B.O.R teaches powerful sales skills and techniques to create a customised "Sales Strategy and Guide" designed for you and your business!


"You would pay thousands of dollars for this information"


"The best return on investment training on the market. I learnt so much more than what I thought I already knew".



"I had no idea the selling process was such an art. I can't thank Logicus enough for giving me the courage and tools to build my business. What a change!"


Develop and practice sales skills to convert customers in clients and opportunities into written sales.


Learn how to close opportunities with little effort, enabling you to be a more effective sales and solutions provider.


Unlike others, this is not just theory based training, but a practical and personalised workshop to ensure you develop the ability to become a sales gun and relations expert in your industry.

S.A.B.O.R Sales Training Program

Workshop Training Calendar

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sales training perth WA class workshop for increase in sales and marketing
Sales workshop perth training in the S.A.B.O.R sales training and coaching program
Sales training through the SABOR to create a sales strategy and plan for marketing and wealth generation

Yes, the S.A.B.O.R is now available to Small and Medium Business. 

You asked for it, You got it!

Elena Volodchenko - Website Masters Director

"I and my team attended Emmanuel's SABOR sales strategy training - and must admit I saw the fastest return on my investment in professional development! My new srategy scored 5 meeting requests instantly, but what is even more valuable, the sales strategy we designed during 3 day program keeps bringing us more sales and better customer relationships! It changed the perception of me and my team and allows us to better communicate the value and team expertise to our potential customers. This is a revolutionary course indeed and I highly recommend every business professional to plan attending."

Who is S.A.B.O.R Program suited for? 

  • Small and Medium Business owners and representatives

  • Business to business sales representatives

  • Business to consumer sales representatives

  • Retailers and staff

  • Real Estate Agents

  • Company based training

  • Sales Representatives  

  • Account Managers

  • Sales Managers

  • Everyone involved in sales!

SABOR training and coaching to generate more sales and marketing opportunities and  increase cash flow to business
selling skills and techniques to boost your profits and cash flow enroll now

Rewarded Outcomes

Individuals who complete and implement the teachings have achieved:

  • Content and direction to create a personalised sales strategy for your business

  • An increase in business growth and profit

  • A boost in clientele and referral opportunities

  • More leads and more sales in less time

  • Strategic sales techniques that work

  • Expand your comfort zone and overcome the fear to sell

  • Personalised training that provides solutions to your business 

  • Skills to maximise every opportunity and create financial freedom.

  • Innovative sales techniques that close more sales

  • Motivation and focus on what makes money = Sales!

Skills and Knowledge

Course Investment

In Class Workshop:

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Group Booking Available!*


The S.A.B.O.R is proudly Support by WA Business, Local Government and Business Associations throughout WA

Participants who complete the course will learn:

  • New strategies on identifying your prospects 

  • Techniques for creating and maintaining relationships,

  • Transform mindsets to be fearless,

  • Selling psychology,

  • Qualities that make a good salesperson,

  • Value based sales,

  • Strategies to expand comfort zones,

  • Strategies to maximise financial rewards

  • Keywords that penetrate,

  • Triggers to close

  • Overcoming objections,

  • Customer service,

  • Confidence to become a sales gun,

  • Controlling the sale process,

  • Closing the sale and much more…

Workshop Training Location

Logicus Training Solutions has training venues to accommodate most participants in WA. We have venues North and South of the river for convenience.


Rewards and Recognition

Participants who perform will see a substantial:

  • Importance of customer service,

  • Word of mouth lead generation

  • Financial gain and performance recognition

  • Opportunity for progression,

  • Increase in referrals 

  • Sell smarter, not harder

  • Stand out from the crowd

  • Understanding of solutions sales strategy

  • Develop a sales strategy that makes money

  • and more…

  • sustained increase in strike rate,

  • Boost in motivation and drive,

  • Inspired approach to customers,

  • Ability to transform customers into clients,

  • Convert more enquiries into sales

  • Improvement in culture and focus,

  • Improved initiative and problem solving,

  • Ability to think quick and solve to sell,

  • Enlightened will to learn and grow,

  • Relationship and conflict managing skills

sales growth through strategic selling skills and techniques by mentoring through the SABER or SABRE

In Class workshop - 3 days total face to face public workshop


Shorter customised workshops are available upon request.

Minimum group numbers apply. 

Enquire for more details.


S.A.B.O.R Sales Training Program Learning Outcomes

Below are some of the teachings you will develop into your customised sales strategy

S.A.B.O.R sales program and workshop through training and development to increase sales
  • Solutions Sales strategy

  • Qualities that make a good salesman

  • Develop a presentation toolkit

  • The selling process

  • Identify behaviors of different individuals

  • Relationship based sales

  • Adapting the sale to customer style

  • Closing the Sale

  • I - Never - Knew

  • Comfort Zone

  • Value based selling

  • Building value into your presentation

  • Unique selling proposition


  • Features, benefits and advantages

  • Overcoming objections and barriers

  • Selling psychology

  • Power statements that sell

  • Body language to engage and direct

  • Power questions that drive the sale

  • Customer Service that delivers

  • Creating and maintaining a Relationship

  • Telephone Sales

  • Cold Calling techniques to engage and conquer

  • Dealing with mistakes to generate a positive

  • Motivation and mindset for champions

  • and much more....

Training for strategic selling and closing more sales by selling smarter not harder

Upon Completion of the full 3 day course a “Statement of Completion” for "S.A.B.O.R Sales Training Program" will be issued to each participant. 

Value Based Sales Strategy
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Planning and Preparing to Sell
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Overcome the Objection Of Price  Sales Tip 3 VIDEO Brought to you by the Logicus Channel