Business Coaching and Development

S.M.A.R.T Solutions Program

Many entrepreneurs are great at their trade but realise it is difficult to run a business in a way that provides maximum return for the time and effort invested. Without the right assistance and direction many businesses will fail causing hardship and feeling of isolation.


How would you rate your personal happiness?


Are you earning enough money to live the lifestyle you dreamed of?


Do you work all the hours under the sun just to keep afloat?


Can your Business survive without you? 


Are you happy with how your Business is performing?


At Logicus we look at the business by asking the right questions and then dig deep into your business to develop the optimal solutions. Our recommendations are highly customised for each individual business. We help clients with growth strategies and implementation techniques to get you there by “working smarter not harder”. "Making you more money with less effort and establishing a foundation that stimulates growth and maximises opportunity".


Our strategies enable you and your business to focus on elements that make you money while creating an operational systemised operation that functions without you! Giving you more time and opportunities to achieve your potential and dreams.


Logicus can provide objective and constructive advice as well as implementation strategies that are individually customised to your business.


Logicus specialises in:


  • Start-up Businesses

  • Small to medium enterprise

  • Medium to large corporations

  • Nonprofit organisation’s

  • Mining and Resources

  • Government - Local and State







Key areas of expertise for Business Consulting and Coaching 

Sales Strategy and Conversion

  • Target market evaluation

  • Research and survey

  • Marketing and advertising strategy linking sales

  • Opportunity evaluation

  • Public Relations and image

  • Branding, values and logo

  • Investment v's return

  • SEO, Social Media and blogs

  • Innovative opportunities and technology

  • Market trends, competitors and market opportunities

  • New market creation opportunities

  • Maximise return

Advertising and Marketing

  • Networking strategy

  • Analysis and evaluation of client base and strategies

  • Defining business objectives and direction

  • Target market – demographics, purchasing behaviours, needs and values

  • Strategic position – SWOT, key brand values and desired outcomes

  • Solution being offered and desired – range offered

  • Align marketing objectives to sales

  • Marketing strategy – key channels, objectives and integration

  • Channels – online, email, direct mail, events, social media, SEM, advertising, cold calling, networking,

  • Centralisation of marketing and sales strategies

  • Training and mentoring solutions - S.A.B.O.R Sales Training Program

  • Strategies to optimise current client sales and expanding client base

See your business from a different view!

Operational Development and Management

  • Business process evaluation and research

  • Continuous improvement strategy and facilitation

  • Communication strategies

  • Optimisation strategies based on KISS principle (keep it simple stupid)

  • Technology integration and improvements

  • Operational culture and participation strategies

  • Operational foundation for growth and ability to adapt to change

  • Business division setup and operations management

  • Leadership and delegation channels

  • Quality Assurance and standards

  • Supplier and cost evaluation

Planning and Governance

  • Evaluating governance structures

  • Compliance evaluation

  • Policy development and monitoring

  • Evaluation and review

  • Risk management

Business Planning and Implementation

  • Business plan development and review

  • Executive Summary

  • SWOT analysis

  • Action Plan utilising timeframes

  • Financial projections and planning

  • Business performance evaluation and projections

  • Implementation strategy

Financial Management

  • Managing financial division of your business

  • Cost control, cash flow, profit and loss

  • Financial tracking and mentoring strategies

  • Financial performance measurements

  • Evaluate financial systems and operations

Human Resources

  • Development of Job descriptions

  • Performance Reviews and Management

  • Resource evaluation and change

  • Key Performance Indicators

  • Recognition and Reward strategies to boost productivity and profit

  • Letter of offers

  • Employee Manuals

  • Staff and skills acquisition

  • Training and assessment solutions