10 Reasons to Get it Right


When the economy slumps, the natural instinct for companies is to cut budgets and focus on the core activities. One of these common budget cuts is in training and development.


The fluctuating economy means more than ever companies are looking to be more efficient and effective and that is where training plays an important role. Some companies focus on investing in their people to maintain and even stimulate growth in a soft market. It is a fundamental understanding that in quiet times it is advantageous to invest in the resources that makes you money = Your people


Do you want more clients? Invest in your marketing arm and train personnel in social media, offline and online marketing opportunities.

= Every member of your organisation is a prospect generator!


Do you want more sales? Train to be a more effective salesperson that can create and close more sales in less time to expand your market share and extend your cash flow. = Ever member of your organisation is in sales. Get them selling!


Do you want to cut costs by increasing your productivity? – Identify individual and departmental deficiencies and provide training to fill the gaps.

= Saving you time, money and resources!


Do you want to be of greater financial return from staff? – Provide training that focuses on building morale, relationships, initiative, skillsets and drive = Creating a strong culture focused on performance outcomes and accountability!


10 Reasons to Focus on Training in a Soft Economy

  • Increase productivity

  • Reduce cost and minimise resources

  • Decrease need for staff supervision

  • Increase ability to incorporate new technologies and change

  • Increase safety to decrease work related injuries and illness

  • Increase job satisfaction, morale and motivation

  • Enhance company culture and individual initiative

  • Minimise risk and market influence

  • Stimulate company and personal growth

  • Expand market share and opportunities


In house training is a great place to start. The main inhibitor is that your training content and information consists of what you already know. By outsourcing your training and coaching to an expert with other experiences, angles and solutions you open a whole new world of opportunities, direction and outcomes.


In a soft economy it is those who are willing to do something different that will maintain and potentially grow their market share. Those who decide to wait for the storm to pass are more likely to be become a casualty of missed opportunities and lost dreams.