Nationally Recognised Certificate IV and Diploma Training

As a Perth-based company in Australia, Logicus Training Solutions promotes the importance of vocational training and business coaching, amongst individual, business companies, government, mining and resources.

Investing time and effort for training and coaching in the workplace is an advantage for seeking promotion and personal recognition.

Logicus Training Solutions is a registered training organization delivering nationally recognised qualifications, which are accredited throughout Australia. Aside from instilling safety, training, assessment and management-related concepts, the company allows the participants to experience real case studies and scenarios that are relevant to their workplace and organisation.

Nowadays, most companies require employees to have good educational background and training. Logicus Training Solutions will accompany every worker towards his aim for self-improvement by delivering Certificate IV (Cert IV) and Diploma courses in health and safety, leadership and management and training and assessment.

Specifically, the exceptional qualifications offered are the following:

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE40110 (Cert 4 in Training and Assessment)

This is an essential requirement should an individual became a vocational trainer or wish to work for an RTO or train in the workplace. A person with this certificate will have the qualification to teach in the VET (Vocation & Educational Training) courses. Aside from teaching, one can also be an enterprise assessor, RTO (Registered Training Organization) industry as a trainer, assessor or training adviser. Most corporate organizations require Certificate IV (Certificate 4) in Training and Assessment from trainers. Job prospects became more desirable for employees when they complete Certificate IV or Diploma (accredited) training.

This impart critical knowledge and practical skills for those people who are looking for opportunities related to Work Health and safety as a trainer, advisor or supervisor.

Professionals who have a qualification and better understanding with WHS are considered an asset to a company. This Cert 4 (Cert IV) and Diploma in training for WHS is nationally recognised and desired.

This Nationally recognised qualification trains individuals how to be more effective frontline managers.  It covers management skill sets such as:

  • Workplace learning and communication

  • Management in customer service

  • People and performance management

  • Operational strategy and implementation

  • Work priorities and time management

  • Information systems and compliance

  • Innovations and change

  • Work, health and safety

With these qualifications, Frontline managers will improve their leadership skills and management competency. This will create a more competent manager that will be more effective in supervising his company. This training program will result in a more productive and confident workplace.

Certificate IV in Leadership and management (Cert 4 in Leadership and Management BSB42015)

This qualification is the new course to the superseded Frontline Management (Cert 4 BSB42015). This training course develops a leader’s sense of responsibility and management outcomes to create a more productive work force. A nationally recognised qualification will help employees to advance their career and create other employment opportunities, making them a sought after individual in the marketplace.

Maintaining work health & safety systems of a company is achieved through Perth Australia’s competent WHS providers such as Logicus Training Solutions.

After training, participants will show competence:

  • Strong communication skills employees and staff

  • Legislation, information and concepts regarding WHS (safety)

  • Implementation and improvements in WHS plan for a company

  • Implementation of WHS safety practices as a supervisor and manager

  • Application of WHS policies and procedures

  • Development of work safety practices

  • Responding to emergencies

  • Initiating change in safety practices

The Certificate IV and Diploma (Cert 4 or Cert IV) qualifications will create an advantage to individuals who are in the workplace or seeking new opportunities in different markets. “Certificate IV” and “Diploma” have reputation that announces an individual has achieved knowledge and skills which are desirable to any company or industry.

Exceptional training provides additional income, financial opportunities, personal growth and professional development. The company benefits by increasing wealth due to a boost in productivity, enhanced job opportunities, and a more efficient workforce.

Those who complete these qualification can be better themselves by improving their skills, awareness and confidence. With these training qualifications, both the employee and employer benefit in the long run.

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