Certificate IV in Training and Assessment in Perth


Logicus Training Solutions is a registered training organization based in Perth WA, Australia. In addition to offering excellent business consultation solutions, Logicus offers the most comprehensive training course to help professionals attain a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. The TAE40110 Cert IV is a requirement for anyone who seeks to become an industry trainer or a training consultant.

The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110 Cert IV) is a highly specialized qualification designed for use by professionals whose role involves acting as workplace trainers, assessor or those who work in the vocational education and training.


The TAE40110 Certificate IV Training and Assessment is a nationally recognised qualification. Professionals possessing a Cert IV TAE are highly valued employees because they possess skills that are required by their company to facilitate the growth of the organization.  Certification endows professionals with integral expertise necessary to develop training programs within their group or organization and facilitating the assessment process.


The training course is an accredited full qualification program that gives participants a wide scope of delivery and assessment skills. Logicus Training Solutions designed the TAE40110 Cert IV to be easily accessible to individuals, companies and professionals in and around Perth. The course is offered in two distinct pathways, through In Class Workshops or the convenience of On-line presentation modes. Both presentation modes offer flexibility to participants, especially if you doing the training course while you are working.

The course requirements are effective divided over three distinct and interdependent modules that help to give participants a well-rounded and balanced perspective on training and assessment methodologies. The Certificate IV Training and Assessment course effective imparts core competencies in the planning, organizing and delivery of group-based or workplace learning, Participants are taught how to design and develop effective training programs and how to plan assessment activities.


Although the course has a high flexible mode of delivery, Logicus Training makes it our priority to ensure full compliance with the course material and that all participants are able to complete their Certificate IV Training and Assessment requirements. This is facilitated through ongoing email and phone support for all participants throughout the duration of the course.


Logicus Training Solutions is a training enterprise with decades of experience; with this experience we have designed a program with the core focus of building competency in the fundamental areas of training and assessment. Instructors are highly trained, qualified professionals who able to provide a wealth of knowledge in the field of training and assessment.  Completion of the training course assures participant full competency in training and assessment and a nationally recognized TAE40110 Certificate IV Training and Assessment.


Organizations invest thousands of dollars training their employees, why? Because a highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce is an asset to any company. Many HR Professionals, team leaders, coaches and consultants undergo training for the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment to elevate their status within their companies or to branch out as entrepreneurs. Becoming a certified trainer and assessor transforms a good employee to an invaluable corporate asset.