The Significance Of Health and Safety Training In the Workplace


Occupational Health and Safety Training is very important because it educates workers as to what exactly is the right thing to do during emergency situations. It is a must that all employers provide training to their employees so that they will be safe from harm at all times. There are a lot of consequences if the employers fail to conduct training to their employees and one of which is being severely injured in hazardous situation or even the possibility of death.

  • Safety Training Perth helps prepare the employees/workers so that they will be able to know how to respond in an emergency situation. When conducting health and safety training to workers, there are a few important factors to keep in mind.

  • The training should be conducted regularly (every month) so that old and new workers will be updated about the latest health hazards and how to prevent them.

  • State of the art teaching devices should be used during the training so that workers will be able to digest and easily understand the whole idea.

  • Health and training should be presented in interesting ways in order to catch the attention and interest of the workers/employees.

What important issues/subjects should be tackled during the training?

  • Safe manual handling

  • How to avoid slipping, trip, and fall accident

  • Responsible employee behavior

  • Proper waste disposals (hazardous chemical disposal)

  • Preventing the spread of germs by proper hygiene

  • Fire safety

  • The significance of wearing protective gear and clothing

  • First aid

  • Basic life support training

  • And many more

To discuss the issues of concerns above, educators should use images and if possible videos so as the participants will be able to correctly understand the safety procedures. Today, educators use DVDs containing step by step methods on how to safeguard your health in the workplace.

There are also e-learning programs that tackle health and safety issues. There is an e-learning software about health and safety training in which the health and safety topics are divided into subcategories. After the training course is finished, it will assess or gauge how much information you have gained. The scores of the workers will be given to you. That way, you will be able to know and understand if a particular worker has completely digested the information presented during the training session.

What most companies do today is they take advantage of special health, safety, and worker training given by various training companies. These are companies who have devoted their time training and educating workers and employers in the workplace. They conduct training about different topics like:

  • Certificate in IV

  • Safety training

  • Occupational health and safety