C.U.L.M. Customer Service Program


Great customer service is the key to effective marketing and making money smarter rather than harder. Logicus takes customer service to the next level by incorporating sales techniques to get the desired results for your business and the client.


Every staff member dealing with the general public has the ability to make a sale or create refferals. Effective communication, customer service and problem resolution technique will create a reputation that makes you stand out from the rest.


Good customer service is the lifeblood of any business. You can offer promotions and slash prices to bring in as many new customers as you want, but unless you can get some of those customers to come back, your business won't be as profitable as it should be.


Invest your time and money on opportunities that yield the greatest return.


Your people!


Expected Outcome

Individuals who complete the workshop would gain:

  • Effective training and understanding of exceptional customer service techniques

  • Effective communication techniques

  • Problem solving strategies

  • Resolution techniques

  • Communicating on the telephone

  • A substantial increase in clientele and referral opportunities

  • Better understanding of the sales process

  • A substantial increase in business growth and profit

  • Understanding of asking the right questions

  • Training that is relevant to their business and situation

  • Motivation and focus on what makes you money=Your Clients!

Rewards and Recognition

Participants who actively utilise the information learnt will see a substantial increase in the following:

  • Inspired approach to customers,

  • Ability to transform customers into clients,

  • Improvement in culture and focus,

  • improved initiative and problem solving,

  • Ability to think quick,

  • Increase in motivation and drive,

  • Importance of customer service,

  • Word of mouth promotion,

  • Opportunity for progression,

  • Recognition as an achiever,

  • Stand out from the crowd

  • Dare to be different!!!

  • and more…


In Class workshop - 1 days total face to face public workshop


Shorter customised workshops are available upon request. Minimum group numbers apply. Prices will vary. Enquire for more details.






Workshop Training Calendar

Refer to our training calender or contact us to see what we can do for you.

Course Investment

In Class Workshop:


Limited Time Only!

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Payment Structure

Logicus Training Solutions will only only enrol students who have paid the course fees in full minimum seven days prior to course commencement.

Workshop Training Location

Logicus Training Solutions has training venues to accommodate most participants in WA. We have venues North and South of the river for convenience.



There are no qualification pre-requisites but participants are required to have:

  • Basic ability to read, write and communicate in English

  • Basic computer skills.

  • Be a minimum of 16 years of age

C.U.L.M Customer Service Program Units

Upon Completion of the full 1 day course requirements a “Statement of Completion” for "C.U.L.M Customer Service Program" will be issued to the participant. Participants who do not complete the full 1 day course or who complete an accelerated course will be issued with a “Statement of Participation” depicting the units completed.


Below are the competency units for the “C.U.L.M Customer Service Program” based on the full one (1) day course:

Logicus stands by its commitment to providing a training program that if implemented correctly will prove to be a great investment to you and your company.


If you wish to cancel your enrolment more than 7 working days prior to course commencement you will be refunded 50% of fees paid. Cancellations inside 7 days before course commencement will receive no refund. Refunds will not be made to individuals or organisations where a person is booked into a course and fails to attend.


If you cannot attend a course for which you have enrolled in and paid for, a 20% transfer fee applies to any request for transfer where the notice period is less than 7 working days. If there is no notification made by an individual or organisation of transfer 7 working days prior to course commencement there is no refund or transfer of fees paid.


In the case of early withdrawal from the course no refund will apply.


If for any reason Logicus Training Solutions finds it necessary to cancel a course and a suitable transfer to an alternative course cannot be made, you will receive a full refund of fees paid.


Logicus Training Solutions will only enrol participants who have paid the required course fees in advance.

 Refund Policy
  • What is effective Communications

  • Qualities that Make a Good Communicator

  • Sectors of Behaviour

  • Building Rapport

  • Comfort Zone

  • Non-Verbal Communication

  • Questions

  • Customer Service

  • Creating and Maintaining a Relationship

  • Telephone Sales

  • Dealing with Mistakes

  • Motivation

Payment Methods

Course fees are payable by electronic funds transfer or cheque




Account Name: Logicus Training Solutions

BSB:                   086 495

Account No:      945 026 525

Bank:                 National Australia Bank

Note:                  Please quote your invoice number or quote your full name. Forward the email notification that you receive from the bank when it is set up to: accounts@logicustraining.com.au. We will activate your Learning Account when we receive it.


If you are not the owner of the cheque account, then be sure to include your name and/or invoice number with the cheque.


If you would like to talk to someone about payment matters, please call us on:

0433 552 232