Government Funding Available for WA Business


Logicus Training in conjunction with the Australian Government have joined forces to assist WA business with funded training. The Fund primarily targets Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) (Large businesses are eligible) which plan to up skill and reskill their workforces to better position themselves for growth opportunities. Access to the fund is dependent on meeting the criteria required for funding through a simple application process.

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What does the fund includes?

Help for businesses is available in the following categories:

  • Skills Advice - Help identifying skills opportunities and maximising training outcomes.

  • Training Grant - Businesses looking to improve the skills of their workforce for an identified growth opportunity. 

NOTE: Businesses may access one or both of these assistance categories depending on business need, eligibility and merit.    


The Fund will assist your business to access training and support services that help you:

• Diversify into or respond to new market opportunities

• Adopt emerging technology

• Enter export markets

• Reposition due to market driven structural adjustment

“Investing in the skills         capabilities of your           business will help            you become more             productive and                competitive”                    


To be eligible, applicants must be solvent Australian enterprises which:

  • Are non tax-exempt

  • Have an Australian Business Number

  • Are registered for GST

  • Have a demonstrated trading history of at least three consecutive years

  • Are not named by the Affirmative Action Agency  as an organisation that has not complied with  the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 (Cth)

Training grants

Grants will be provided towards training on  a co-contribution basis depending on the size  of your business. 
Training activities that qualify for a grant include:

  • Nationally recognised industry qualifications  and skills sets (Certificate, Diploma etc...)

  • State and territory accredited training including language, literacy and numeracy training

  • High quality, non-accredited, innovative or  tailored training (Sales, marketing, management, finance etc...)

  • Training required to export  

  • Mentoring directly related to training

Co-contribution Rates

The Fund operates as a co-contribution model where businesses must financially contribute to the proposed project dependent on the size of the business determined by full-time equivalent (FTE) staff levels

  • Micro  Business (0 – 4 FTE employees) = 75% Funding

  • Small  Business (5 – 19 FTE employees) = 66% Funding

  • Medium  Business (20 – 199 FTE employees) = 50% Funding

  • Large Business (200+ FTE employees) = 25% Funding

What is the Fund?

The fund is part of the Australian Government’s strategy to boost business productivity and increase competitiveness across  the economy. A highly skilled workforce that is able to adapt to rapid technological and structural change and to meet new business opportunities is a priority for Australia. 

Support is provided to businesses to upskill and train employees to meet these future challenges and assists businesses to invest in training and support services.


The fund can assist your business to access training and support services that help you:

  • Diversify into or respond to new market opportunities both domestically and internationally

  • Adopt emerging technology

  • Enter export markets

  • Respond to significant domestic market opportunities  

  • Reposition due to market driven structural adjustment