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Logicus Training Solutions strives to provide complete training, coaching and mentoring solutions for personal and business requirements.


Our services are not confined to the provision of training but to the overall business requirements of the company or individual.


Join our team of successful clients and find out how Logicus can turn your efforts into rewards.

S.A.B.O.R Retail, B2B & B2C Sales Training


Face to Face Training Solutions

Customised Training Solutions

This is one of the most important training workshops for any individual within any organisation. Its innovative tactics, strategies and learning environment will instantly reward you for your investment.


Learn tactics from professional sales gurus that will improve your strike rate, increase your client referrals, increase existing client expenditure and turn you into a king hitter. The workshop will change your perception and mindset, reinvigorate your motivation to sell, convert order takers into sales professionals.

As a added bonus you will develop a personalised sales strategy for your business that will become your sales generating machine.


Our face to face training is conducted through our trainer led public workshops. The training takes place at a Logicus designated venue and can take place at the clients location.

Throughout the training process participants are engaged in discussions, role plays and group activities relevant to the course outline.


Logicus can provide customised training solution for an organisation with a specific training requirement.

We can also customise our training packages to make them relevant to your workplace and industry.


S.M.A.R.T Business Consulting & Coaching Program

Skills and System

Analysis Matrix


Training Facilitation

Logicus can provide true ​Business Consultation and Development services utilising our consultants 20 years experience in management and senior management in various industries within state, national and international companies.

We can assess and evaluate your operational, sales, marketing and directional strategies and provide objective assessments and workable solution resulting in opportunities for progress, increase in profitability and growth.

Logicus can provide an on-site assessment of training requirements for operational efficiency. Using our Skills and Systems Analysis Matrix (SSAM), we can assist your improvement strategy by identifying your training and operational requirements.

The matrix identifies skills, knowledge, training and operational deficiencies in the workplace. With the use of our training assessor we develop a strategy for short and long term benefits to the organisation or the individual.


Logicus can provide training services for client created policies, procedures, inductions etc...

Our professional trainers can facilitate training requirements on or off site to new or existing staff and create assessment tools to provide participants a statement of attainment once requirements are deemed competant.

This service will can be offered in consultation with the client and Logicus management.

C.U.L.M Customer Service Workshop

Great customer service is the key to effective marketing and making money smarter rather than harder. Logicus takes customer service to the next level by incorporating sales techniques to get the desired results for your business and your client.
Turn service into profit and your organisation into a money making and promotion machine. Think outside the square with Logicus's unique training methods and strategies.