Sales Training and Business Development


If you are experiencing any problems with converting customers into clients, or even if you don’t have these problems, it’s always a good idea to renew your knowledge on sales technique. SABOR program, sales training in Perth, will teach you (or just remind you) some of the best sales solutions that unite excellent sales strategy and marketing strategy that successfully foster your company’s advancement on the market. SABOR is an abbreviation of Solutions, Advantage, Business, Opportunity and Rewards, which are important factors of business growth.


A successful sale is merely a result of effectual work done by a complex system that involves workers on various positions in a company, which means that everyone participates (and, therefore, can help with appropriate conduct and skills) in the sales process. SABOR sales training has demonstrated many positive outcomes, which include overcoming barriers that inhibit the growth of your business, extending the comfort zone and encouragement to ask questions, cold calling and telephone strategies, higher motivation and better focus on targeted clientele, which lead to turnover increase and sales growth, i. e. increased profit. And what does all that provide to you? A greater chance of gaining employment as Solutions Provider, Relationship Manager, Sales Executive, Customer Service Advisor, and many more. Anyone able to communicate in English (basic reading and writing skills are implied), older than 16 and with elementary computer skills can join and learn more about the psychology of selling, strategies of expanding comfort zones and identifying the personality of a client, gaining confidence, sales based on values, regulation of the sale progress and many more. One of the main features of this workshop is that it moves one step further and provides its participants the ability to see how the theory works in practice, which makes this program unique, and extra effective. Compelling communication, successful negotiation and relationship creation are just some of the skills that the participants will not only be presented as theory, but will also be demonstrated in practice.


SABOR Perth is a concise, but comprehensive 3-day course provides accounts manager training, retail sales training, B2B and B2C training, as well as training of many other skills that are essential in leading a successful business. Many participants of this course are very satisfied with this course and think it was a great investment of both time and money to be a part of it. With a “Statement of Completion” of this program, your future as a sales professional would surely be brighter.