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We have heard of companies that boom in times of economic hardship by developing new strategies and solutions to generate more sales. Many things have changed even over the last 5 years, such as technology, the economy and people’s perceptions. Companies are still working with strategies that are now outdated, ineffective and do not provide the same return on investment as they did in the past.

5 sales strategies that you would benefit to change:

1) Solve rather than sell: It is no longer about selling your product or service but about solving the problem or requirement. There are usually many other similar choices that are differentiated by packaging or price. By solving the issue relevant to your client it becomes something worth paying for.

2) Building Relationships: Wining and dining is not enough these days as decision makers have become more time poor and impatient. Relationships are now built through the perception of trust, expertise and by understanding the prospects objectives and business needs. Asking relevant and strategic questions that build confidence shows you are there for the interest of your prospect and not your own.

3) Leverage off Connections: In the past it was about keeping things close to our chest, but today it is about how we can create relationships that give us an edge. By teaming up with other companies who complement each other’s offerings and provide incentives for generating a sale, companies can benefit each other by working together.

4) Everyone’s a Salesperson: Every person that has contact with clients has the opportunity to sell. Most clients are lost and won by the relationships and impressions made by non-sales focused staff. This can be the receptionist or even accounts. Leads can be generated, selling seeds can be planted and sales can be closed by training all staff to art of sales.

5) Fearless Mindset of Change: Fear is an irrational emotion that inhibits our ability to grow and rationalise. For many the fear of change is something that affects our personal comfort and requires extra effort. To choose change is to embrace progress as we evolve into something that gives us an advantage over the past.

It is important to monitor and evolve your sales strategy based on several influences that will affect your ability to sell. Sales strategy needs to evolve as the drivers of change determines your direction.


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