Certificate IV Training and Education Accreditation

Logicus Training Solutions is a multi-award winning company owned by an Australian and is located in Perth WA. It provides business coaching and training solutions to small or medium enterprises, individuals, mining industries, and government. They began with the focus on providing effective and time efficient training, coaching and business strategies that inspires growth through training and development.

It is never too early to decide on your future and it is never too late to change your future. A career pathway is a person’s journey to take in order to achieve his or her goals in their entire lifetime. It is the combination of a person’s training and education, experiences, interests and professional development. Career pathways are gained through personal development activities in the form of formal and non-formal learning, training and education, community programs and services. By developing personal skills and techniques you are creating your own career pathway.

Certificate IV in Training and Education Perth WA is significant to people who want to deliver and provide training and design and execute assessments. Members can either register in the Nationally Recognised Program or specific course units to meet a recognised requirement in the workplace.

Those who achieve this requirement (Certificate IV Training and Education - Cert IV TAE Perth WA) would gain increasing employment opportunities as an enterprise assessor, enterprise trainer, RTO (Registered Training Organization, training advisor, vocational education facilitator, RTO assessor, RTO trainer, and/or company trainer.

Requirements for Certificate IV Training and Assessment (Cert IV TAE - TAE40110) at Logicus Training

There are no requirement pre-requisites for Certificate IV Training and Assessment but they recommend applicants to have a laptop, basic computer skills, minimum of 18 years of age, and basic ability to write, read, and communicate in English.

Assessment for Certificate IV Training and Education

Participants are evaluated in a number of ways as validation of their competence to achieve the requirement. Ways of assessment for the TAE40110 Certificate IV Training and Assessment (Cert IV TAE - TAE40110) includes work based projects, observation of participant’s participation through the training workshop, and assessment throughout the duration of course modules. These includes knowledge based questions that assess your understanding of the course information and the requirements of the units that make up the qualification.

Unique Student Identifier (USI)

As of the 1st of January 2015, all participants registering in a nationally accredited training are required to obtain a USI. This allows all students to attain their record of their VET and other formal training enrollments and accomplishments.

Support (Certificate IV for Training and Assessment TAE40110)

Logicus Training provides in class support to help all participants to achieve the objective in completing the course. Email and phone support is provided to participants who require additional coaching should the need arise.

Vocational Education Training (VET)

Vocational training in Australia is generally a post-secondary form of training and delivered through the VET sector by a Registered Training Organizations (RTO) like Logicus Training Solutions. VET allows participants to obtain qualifications of significant skills for all kinds of employment and skillsets to assist them in the work place.

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110) Summary

The Cert IV in Training and Education (Cert IV TAE) is the foundation for training and assessing across all industries in Australia. Gaining the Certificate IV Training and Assessment qualification, qualifies the trainer to provide competent training and assessment strategies that ensures the recipient gains knowledge and skills relevant to their workplace. It teaches participants how to identify learning types, create a learning strategy and implement the teaching process for the best outcome to the learner.

Anyone looking at training or even coaching individuals or groups. Join the list of success stories and enrol in the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment at Logicus Training Solutions.

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