How many extra sales do you need to close in order to cost justify investing in some solid sales training? I know that answer depends on what you are selling and your commission structure but all too often the answer is less than one extra sale. For that reason, I can’t think of anything that provides a better ROI than sales training. Plus, your new sales skills stay with you for life. Yes, sales training will generate the best return on your career investment.

In addition to increasing sales skills, I would like to draw your attention to seven additional advantages of advanced sales training.

1) Shorter Sales Cycle

We all know that time is valuable and you can only work on a limited number of opportunities in your sales funnel. However, if you could work more efficiently and close sales at a faster rate, you would gain extra time to work on additional opportunities. You’ll get that extra time when you discover powerful sales closing skills in a solid sales training program.

2) Increased Sales Activity Levels

There is nothing exciting about doing the same things over and over… each and every day. But guess what happens when you add new sales strategies and techniques to your arsenal? You get motivated to put them to good use. So, another advantage of sales training is that it generates an increase in sales activity levels.

3) Centered On Selling

Too many salespeople spend very little time actually trying to sell something to somebody. Think about all those conference calls, sales reports, meetings and a ton of other activities that have nothing to do with selling something. The only way to earn commissions is to close sales. Sales training serves as a reminder of the only thing that puts money in the bank.

4) Powerful Confidence

Salespeople must march with confidence. You need to be confident in your product, your company and… Yourself. Sales training builds that confidence because it takes the guesswork out of selling. Prospects must see confidence in a salesperson that’s attempting to sell them something. You add to a salesperson’s confidence when you provide them superior sales skills through powerful sales training programs.

5) Increased Efficiency

I don’t see any value in a 20% close rate yet that remains the goal of many salespeople. How can you get rich by failing 80% of the time? The problem is that too many salespeople try to sell something to unqualified prospects. You can’t make money by working inefficiently. You need to call on prospects that can and will buy from you. You get that sales skill in a solid sales training program.

6) Success Encourages Even More Success

Unsuccessful salespeople, all too often, go through a “why even try” period. We all know what happens next to those salespeople. Sales training is great way to quickly get going in a healthier direction. Also, once you begin enjoying some sales success, you’ll want even more success. Sales training is a great way to put that bounce back in your step.

7) Develop A Culture Of Learning

Once you’ve learned some successful sales strategies, you’ll want to learn even more sales strategies. Sales training can become a very positive habit. Sales training encourages more sales training because people tend to stick with what’s working. Sales success will always go to the salesperson with the best sales skills. You’ll get those sales skills in a solid sales training program.

As you can see, there are many advantages found in a solid sales training program. Take your profession seriously and harvest the sales skills required to succeed in sales.

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