10+ Tips to be Successful at Cold Calling

There are few sales professionals who will honestly say they enjoy making cold calls. But the best sales professionals know that with every call comes added financial rewards. The biggest hurdle is the first call.

1. Prepare yourself mentally

a. Don’t take it personally. No matter how the contact ends, realise the minute you hang up, they will forget you.

b. Know that cold calling is a numbers game. Without the No’s you will not get the YES! Every No brings you closer to the Yes.

2. Target your customer – Make sure you have qualified your caller before you call. Ensure they are your market by industry, geography, demographics etc…

3. Schedule your day to cold call - Set yourself enough time in the day to make the call. 2 hours in the morning is recommended but if that time doesn’t suit just make sure you still make the calls

4. Set yourself a target – Set yourself a target of 10 calls per day (50 per week) for new prospects.

5. Plan your objective – Identify what your objective is?

a. Is it to sell?

b. Is it to make an appointment?

c. Is it to gather intelligence and identify the decision maker?

6. Plan your engaging message

a. Use a script that allows for engagement with your audience. Use questions, humour and enthusiasm to create conversation

b. Plan your script to suit your objective. Your script should lead to the objective of the call.

7. Tonality and babble – Make sure your tone and speed of words are controlled. Lower your voice and speak slowly, politely and with controlled enthusiasm. Smile when you speak to bring warmth to your tone

8. Create the relationship – Build rapport by using the person’s name at least twice.

9. Use words that paint a picture – This is when the power of words have the biggest impact. Use descriptive words and consider the way in which you say them.

10. Restrain from over talking – Once you have achieved your objective get out before you blow the sale

10+. It only hurts the first time. What are you waiting for? Get started!

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