Logicus takes a strategic approach to training and coaching in order to provide the best outcome for each participant. Throughout the training and coaching process participants are engaged in discussions and activities relevant to you and your workplace. 

Our trainers and facilitators have hands on experience in the field they are training. Enabling you to learn from experts who are passionate about your learning experience. Our trainers and facilitators support your ability to learn and adapt their content for your understanding.

Our training courses are unique in content and the way in which they are delivered. 

Enrol in one of our specialised courses and let us help you achieve your learning and professional objectives the Logicus way.

Training and Coaching Courses

With over 25 years experience in retail, corporate sales, and negotiations, learn what the experts know and convert customers in clients and opportunities into written sales. Learn how to identify, create relationships and close opportunities with little effort, enabling you to be a more effective sales and solutions provider.


Improve your strike rate, overcome objections and make some money.

S.A.B.O.R Sales Training Program


Great customer service is the key to effective marketing and making money smarter rather than harder. Logicus takes customer service to the next level by incorporating sales techniques to get the desired results for your business and the client.

Every staff member dealing with the general public has the ability to make a sale or create referrals.

Invest your time and money on opportunities that yield the greatest return. Your clients!

C.U.L.M Customer Service Program
S.M.A.R.T Business Program


Many entrepreneurs are great at their trade but realise it is difficult to run a business in a way that provides maximum return for the time and effort invested. Without the right assistance and direction many businesses will fail causing hardship and feeling of isolation.

Know that you are not alone.

Logicus develops personalised strategies that allows businesses to break free of the shackles and achieve the future you deserve.